Tutor training 

Ensuring that at least one member of your delivery team has completed tutor training is a mandatory requirement of becoming a qualification centre. However, there is no limit to how many tutors you can train, so it is an excellent way of developing the skills of your staff and colleagues, to the benefit of your learners. 

Tutor training is provided at no cost to all staff in an approved Leadership Skills Foundation centre. 

Completing the tutor training will help you develop an understanding of: 

  • the role and responsibilities of being a tutor; 
  • how you will work alongside the other roles at your centre; 
  • how you will plan, deliver and assess your course; 
  • what you will need to do when you have completed your course; 
  • how the quality assurance process works;
  • how learners are certificated at the end of the course. 

Create a Moodle account where you’ll find all the information and resources you will need to get started.  

Register/login to Moodle here 

If you are already a tutor with us 

As long as the delivery and assessment at your centre meets requirements, your tutors can continue to deliver without having to complete this training. 

Support will be given to your centre based on any needs identified during your quality assurance review which could include repeating this training. 

For more information or if you need further help, please contact us via email on: