Meet the team

Board of Trustees
Shaun Dowling logo Shaun Dowling Chair of the Board More
Neil Cameron logo Neil Cameron Trustee More
Dominic Goggins logo Dominic Goggins Trustee More
Jill Lanning logo Jill Lanning Trustee More
Judith Norrington logo Judith Norrington Trustee More
Elizabeth North logo Elizabeth North Trustee More
Gulnaz Raja logo Gulnaz Raja Trustee More
Richard Ramsey logo Richard Ramsey Trustee More
Euan Spence logo Euan Spence Trustee More
Leadership Team
Richard Norman logo Richard Norman Chief Executive More
William Firth logo William Firth Director of Finance and Operations More
Lucy Supperstone logo Lucy Supperstone Director of Innovation and Standards More
Liam Hope logo Liam Hope Director of Engagement and Marketing More
Chloe Doehler-Smith logo Chloe Doehler-Smith Financial Controller More
Nicola White logo Nicola White Head of Innovation More
Garry Beardsworth logo Garry Beardsworth Head of Accreditation and Standards More
Victoria Anderson-Adair logo Victoria Anderson-Adair Head of Marketing and Communications More
Finance and Operations Team
Michael Howard IT Manager More
Matt Fisher Applications and Data Manager More
Karen Betts Finance Manager More
Richard Lloyd Applications and Database Administrator More
Salim Kachara Finance Executive More
Innovation Team
Neil Gill Innovation Officer More
Gail Thornton Innovation Officer More
Oliver Pilkington Innovation Research Officer More
Market Development Team
Kathryn Holland-Heathers logo Kathryn Holland-Heathers Market Development Manager More
Accreditation and Standards Team
Sneha Chauhan logo Sneha Chauhan Quality Assurance Coordinator More
Rebecca Wilks logo Rebecca Wilks Senior Quality Assurance Officer More
Gareth Buckley logo Gareth Buckley Accreditation Manager More
Alex Potter logo Alex Potter Senior Quality Assurance Officer More
Julia Canham logo Julia Canham Quality Assurance Officer More
Paul Buckle logo Paul Buckle Quality Assurance Officer More
Lorraine Lord logo Lorraine Lord Quality Assurance Officer More
Eileen Baron logo Eileen Baron Quality Assurance Officer More
Marketing and Communications Team
Andy Gardner Marketing and Communications Content Manager More
Helen Johnstone Marketing and Communications Executive More
Business Development Team
Rob Watson logo Rob Watson Business Development Manager - Retention More
Tom Darby logo Tom Darby Development Officer More
Nicola Rodger logo Nicola Rodger Development Officer More
Lee Greenwood logo Lee Greenwood Development Officer More
Keeley Kean logo Keeley Kean Business Development Coordinator More
Joe Clarke logo Joe Clarke Centre Engagement Executive More
Admin and Support Team
Tina Lambkin logo Tina Lambkin Customer Services Adviser More
Carole Brook logo Carole Brook Customer Services Adviser More
Jessica Mangunza logo Jessica Mangunza Customer Processing Executive More