Leadership skills

Empowering every young person to shape their future and lead their communities.
The problem Over two-thirds of businesses believe that young people are not effectively prepared for work when they leave school. British Chamber of Commerce

There’s currently a huge discrepancy between the skills employers are looking for and the skills that young people have when they leave education. In particular, employers say that young people are missing essential employability skills such as communication, self-management and teamwork. 

We want to flip the narrative and provide young people with the tools to succeed in education, employment and beyond.

Our leadership programmes

The Solution

Our leadership programmes follow a research-based Skills Framework (Youth Employment UK) to help learners develop five essential employability skills:

  1. Communication: Listening to and sharing information effectively. 
  2. Self-belief: Building confidence in one’s own ability. 
  3. Teamwork: Working with others. 
  4. Self-management: Taking responsibility for one’s actions. 
  5. Problem solving: Understanding a problem and using logic to solve it.

The framework helps young people to identify and articulate skills that are required in employment and give real examples of how they have used these skills beyond the classroom.

The impact

A group of seven children gather in a circle to listen to three instructors talk about the rules of the game they will play.

What centres think of our leadership programmes:

99% said our programmes improved learners’ leadership skills. 

97% said that our programmes provide young people with the skills to succeed. 

93% agreed that our programmes are important for their learners’ futures. 


Six boys on a field gather in a group hug to celebrate a victory in football.

What learners think of our leadership programmes:

90% said they developed skills that are important for their futures. 

81% believed in themselves more after completing the programme. 

70% said their programme had a positive impact on their willingness to learn. 


Leadership qualifications are a key element in encouraging self-discovery and personal development in our students.

Derek Maybury, Director, Kings Hospital School