Our vision

Everyone is empowered to shape their future and lead their communities.
Four girls are standing at a table and building structures with paper and glue.

We know that when we equip young people with life-enhancing leadership skills, we exponentially increase their opportunity to thrive as individuals and valued members of society.

We’re here to help them build the confidence to believe, the qualities to lead, and the skills to succeed.

Two boys in blue bibs and two girls in red bibs are running in a playground with a ball.

As an awarding body, all our programmes are accredited in line with regulatory conditions, ensuring learners achieve meaningful qualifications and awards. Our programmes equip learners with employability skills for life, improving motivation, self-esteem, communication, teamwork and confidence. 

Ultimately, we want young people to possess the skills, knowledge and resilience needed to face the world with confidence and optimism. By enabling organisations to deliver carefully considered leadership programmes, we help shape future generations. 

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Our values

We are better together

Together, we do great things. Collaboration, belonging and individuality aren’t just buzzwords to us; they’re deeply held commitments in the way we work. As we solve problems together, we make sure everyone feels listened to and valued. 

We are guided by goals

Every initiative we develop is guided by clear aims. From giving young people the confidence to achieve, to bringing major change to communities, all our goals are significant and focused on improvement.  

We evolve and innovate

As the world changes, so do the opportunities and challenges of the people we support. As different times call for different skills, we are brave enough to be different and to innovate to be fit for the future. 

We have pride in our programmes

We never forget for a second how valuable everyone’s future is. That’s why we go above and beyond to deliver high-quality, trustworthy and regulated programmes.