Centre Hub User Guides

Our new centre and course management system, the Centre Hub, provides access for you to register and administer your courses.

The new Centre Hub website is one used across other awarding bodies, so whilst it is new to us, it is a proven and trusted industry tool.

To help you use the site, register courses, register and certificate your learners and access our programme resources, below are links to our user guides for the site.


Register a new course
Register your learners
Claiming certificates for your learners
Downloading your learners’ certificates

Resources and documents

Access programme resources

Managing your users/staff and sites

Adding and managing users
Adding course delivery staff
Adding course delivery sites

If you require further assistance, you can arrange a support call with a member of our Development Team using this link.

Alternatively, please contact us at: hello@leadershipskillsfoundation.org
or call 01908 689180.