STEM Leadership 

The number of jobs that require an understanding of STEM subjects is only set to increase. STEM Leadership prepares learners with the skills they need to transfer their learning from the school environment to the workplace, giving them confidence in their abilities and encouraging them to be pioneers of the future.

From £34 per learner.

Young teenage girls wearing lab coats in a STEM class sit at a table in a science classroom at a school in Romsey.

We know that STEM touches almost every aspect of young people’s lives. And we know that they are curious about the world around them and the way the world works.

With STEM Leadership, we have the opportunity to take that curiosity and support learners to apply it to the development of essential leadership skills through the planning and delivery of STEM-based activities.

Working with our partner, SSERC, the STEM Leaders programme has been developed to include a mixture of theory and practical experience and encourages peer-to-peer learning in a way that develops students’ self-belief, confidence and their ability to work as a team. From leading STEM activities and delivering sessions during class time to establishing extra-curricular or after-school clubs, learners are able to take that confidence into situations that will support themselves and others in their communities and futures.

Below you will find the names of the qualifications available under the STEM Leadership programme, and the full suite of specifications can be downloaded using the form at the foot of the page.

  • Level 1 Qualification for Leading Activities in STEM
  • Level 2 Qualification for Leading Activities in STEM


  • Full training for tutors delivering the programme. This is online and accessible at any time.
  • A full suite of tutor resources to support delivery, accessible through our online course management system, Centre Hub.
  • Downloadable, editable Learner Evidence Records (LERs) that allow students to record, reflect on, and evidence their learning.
  • Additional learner resources to supplement the learning activities.
  • Promotional materials for centres to use in student recruitment.
  • Dedicated Quality Assurance (QA) and relationship manager contacts from the Leadership Skills Foundation who offer personalised 1-2-1 support throughout delivery.

Screenshot of sample resources from STEM Leaders

From planning and leading a STEM event in their school or local community, to managing themselves and others in further education or their first job, both STEM Leadership qualifications offer a solid foundation in the transferable skills students need to move from education to employment.

Current and alumni STEM leaders have gone on to host activities with younger learners to support their school’s links to local feeder schools, and others have used their newly developed skills to think about a future in STEM.

STEM Leaders qualifications help to equip young people with the experiences and skills they need to get them ready for a work landscape that will be completely different from the one we see now.  See below for pricing details and contact us to provide this opportunity for the young people you work with.

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Interested? Download the full programme specification:

    Please note that we may be in touch to offer follow-on support.