PE Life Skills Award

Support the physical literacy of your learners, developing their skills to connect, think and feel in and through their movement experiences to build meaning, value and enjoyment of physical activity now and for life.

Developed in partnership with the Youth Sport Trust, the PE Life Skills Award encourages learners to reflect on their learning in PE and develop positive emotional, cognitive, physical and social behaviours. 


2023/24 pricing:

£349 – for primary pupils aged 4-11 years old

£499 – for secondary pupils aged 11-16 years old

£549 – for secondary pupils aged 11-18 years old

£349 – for pupils aged 16-18 years old


  • The licence is purchased for use in an academic year. Our academic year runs from 1st August to 31st July in the following year. Both the primary school and secondary school licences are available to purchase now.
  • Any centre purchasing and agreeing to terms and conditions will be required to follow the withdrawal process if in the future they do not require to be an accredited centre for the PE Life Skills Award.
  • This product auto-renews each academic year until a centre withdraws. For further information and guidance, please see the Terms and Conditions.