PE Life Skills Award

PE teaches valuable life skills such as resilience, collaboration, and independence – all of which can inspire and empower young people to excel in all areas of their lives.  The PE Life Skills Award recognises and rewards learners as they develop these essential life skills through the PE curriculum.

Young girl and boy are smiling and running alongside each other on grass pitch

Developed in partnership with the Youth Sport Trust, the PE Life Skills Award encourages learners to reflect on their learning in PE and develop positive emotional, cognitive, physical and social behaviours.

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Now in its fourth year, this award lets teachers recognise learners’ learning through assessments in the PE curriculum. It helps students value PE and develop a positive relationship with physical activity for the future.

The resources for the award provide schools with a framework and the tools to support delivery to students and rewards learners with a certificate at the end of the award.

The PE Life Skills Award is available to both primary and secondary schools and also works well in alternative provision schools. Our case study on ALP Nuneaton gives a great insight into the adaptability of the award in a specialist setting and can be read here


  • Academic year licence to become an accredited PE Life Skills Award delivery centre
  • Training in the assessment process
  • Individual pupil learning journals
  • An accreditation resource pack which includes teacher handbook, learning reports and an achievement wall chart
  • Printable Leadership Skills Foundation accredited award certificates


Young children jumping up in star shapes on a grass pitch

Sample resources from the PE Life Skills Award, including photos of young people using the materials

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  • The licence is purchased for use in an academic year. Our academic year runs from 1st August to 31st July in the following year.
  • This product auto-renews each academic year until a centre withdraws. For further information and guidance, please see the Terms and Conditions.
  • Any centre purchasing and agreeing to terms and conditions will be required to follow the withdrawal process if in the future they no longer wish to be an accredited centre for the PE Life Skills Award.

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