Research and impact

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Why do you conduct annual impact surveys with centres and learners?
We want to make sure we offer the best possible experiences for those delivering and taking part in our programmes, and that we support learners to make a positive impact.To do this, we regularly speak with our centres and learners to understand where we are doing well and how we can do better. We really appreciate all of your input. It informs our aims and strategies, and keeps us striving to develop the best programmes possible.
Who can complete the annual impact surveys?
Learners aged 8+ years can complete the learner impact survey regardless of their course.All centre staff can complete the centre outcomes survey.
How can I join the Centre Panel?
We’re delighted that you’re considering joining the panel! Simply complete the form on our Centre Panel page: https://leadershipskillsfoundation.org/centre-panel/
How can my learners join the Youth Voice Panel?
We’re delighted that your learners are interested in joining the panel! Simply ask them to complete the form on our Youth Voice Panel page: https://leadershipskillsfoundation.org/youth-voice-panel/