Getting started

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How can my organisation become a delivery centre?
If you’re unsure which programme(s) you would like to deliver, get in touch and we’ll be happy to chat you through our programmes and see what suits your centre’s aims best.If you know what you want, head to our programme pages and fill in the relevant form to get started.
Do I receive full training when I sign up?
Absolutely! We have free tutor training that is available to all of our centres. See our ‘centre training’ FAQs for more information.
Do learners need to complete one level of a qualification before moving on to the next?
No. Learners can start on any level as long as they meet the minimum age requirements at the course start date.
When does the early bird pricing period end?
The early bird pricing period is available until 31st October of each academic year. Courses must be applied for and invoiced before this date.
Do I have to pay to become a delivery centre?
There is no cost to become a Leadership Skills Foundation delivery centre.However, please note that a minimum spend of £350 is applicable for centres delivering qualifications and £700 across two academic years for centres delivering professional qualifications.
Which programmes can I deliver in my country?
Select your region from the list on the ‘Leadership programmes’ page to see a list of qualifications and awards available to you.
How can my organisation become a Professional Qualifications Centre (PQC)?
Our PQC Lead would be delighted to talk this through with you. Book a time for a chat whenever suits you.
Does my centre need to complete the centre approval process again if we already deliver another qualification with the Leadership Skills Foundation?
If your centre has already been approved for the previous academic year and has received a satisfactory quality assurance review, then you do not need to complete the centre approval process for the next academic year.If the above does not apply, then your centre will need to be reapproved.
Do I need to create my own resources to deliver your qualifications?
No. We have developed all the resources you need to effectively deliver our leadership programmes.However, we absolutely celebrate and advocate for you to use your own knowledge, experience and activities that work with your learners and meet the minimum outcomes of each task.