Data Protection

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What personal information is processed?
The personal information we collect from you is dependent on your level of engagement with the Leadership Skills Foundation. However, this may include personal information such as your name, date of birth, sex, contact details (such as your phone number, email address and addresses), course information and billing information.
Post Brexit Data Sharing between UK and EU/EEA
The EU has now formally adopted ‘adequacy decisions’ for the UK. These allow for the ongoing free flow of personal data from the EU/EEA to the UK. The Leadership Skills Foundation will continue to operate under existing arrangements and uphold high levels of data protection.
Where is personal information stored/recorded?
Some of your personal information is stored at the Leadership Skills Foundation head office and some of your personal information is stored in the cloud. In the event your personal information is stored in the cloud we only use providers that guarantee your personal information is kept within the European Economic Area and is therefore treated as safely and securely as the data regulations require.
Is the personal information you hold about me secure?
The security of your personal information is of great importance to us, and to protect your personal information we have put in place suitable physical, electronic and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure all personal information that we hold.
How long is personal information retained for?
Where personal information forms part of a business record whose retention is mandatory in order to fulfill statutory obligations, such records will be kept for a minimum of seven years in order to comply with UK tax legislation and the requirements of our regulators. In all other cases your personal information will only be retained until retention is no longer necessary for the purposes for which it was collected.
How and where is personal information backed up?
All Leadership Skills Foundation systems and websites are backed up regularly and securely and periodically undergo a rigorous integrity check. Any personal information that is backed up to the cloud is kept within the European Economic Area and is therefore treated as safely and securely as the data regulations require.
Who has access to personal information?
Only appropriate Leadership Skills Foundation staff have access to your personal information. We do not subcontract your personal information to any other data processor. In the event this ever changes we would only do so with your direct consent.
Who is personal information shared with?
We are obliged to share your personal information with our regulators, Ofqual and SQF. We are also required to share some of your personal information with agencies charged with holding and maintaining individual qualification records - for example, UCAS and the LRS - whilst you are connected with us.
In the event of a data breach, what is the process?
In the event of a breach we will take steps to address the breach and minimise the impact on the data subjects. It is our obligation to inform the ICO and inform data subjects “without undue delay” if there is a “high risk” to your rights and freedoms, as guided by the ICO.
What processes do you have in place for testing the security of your system?
The Leadership Skills Foundation conducts a regular security audit to assess how effectively information security is being implemented in the organisation. This audit measures policy compliance and recommends solutions to deficiencies.