Your Time

The Your Time programme was initially funded and developed in partnership with the Department for Education. It was created with one aim in mind: to empower girls with the confidence to become leaders in sport.

Together, we can continue the legacy of this exciting and successful programme.


Despite the recent breakthroughs in female sport (think the Lionesses’ performance, or Hollie Davidson being the first female to officiate at a Six Nations rugby match), there is still a disparity between girls and boys when it comes to participating in competitive sport and sports leadership opportunities.

The Your Time programme was developed to change this narrative.

Through a combination of e-learning, peer-led support and practical learning, Your Time supports girls and young women to overcome the barriers that prevent them from taking the lead in sports.

Thanks to a first-of-its-kind, modular learning programme, Your Time leaders develop essential leadership skills through innovative and inclusive e-learning solutions that feature personalised avatars. They then go on to showcase these skills by planning and hosting a sporting event aimed at encouraging other girls in their community to participate.

To take part in the programme, leaders must be 13+ years old, and be able to dedicate 30-60 minutes per module, plus delivery time. This can be delivered by any community organisation, or if you are in a school it can be done alongside the regular PE and sporting curriculum. Leaders will be awarded a certificate upon completion of the programme.

Beyond the end of the Your Time programme, organisations have told us that their leaders have gone on to host multiple events, volunteer in sporting environments in their local communities, and establish lunchtime or after-school sports clubs for girls in their schools. Their work has made them role models and has encouraged further participation from other girls and young women who benefit from seeing others like them in these leadership roles.

In the three years the programme has been running, Your Time has already supported over 14,500 girls to take part in competitive sporting events and over 65,000 hours of learning and competitive sporting activities have been facilitated.

Would you like to be part of the movement to get more girls to take the lead in sports? Join us as a Your Time centre and together we can help change the narrative.

Take a look at our interactive impact page to hear directly from our Your Time leaders and then get in touch to ask about delivering the programme with the girls and young women in your organisation.

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