Sharing evidence for your quality assurance review

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Who is this for: all Professional Qualification Centres

This article gives centre managers guidance on the evidence that is required for the quality assurance review, specifically where a portfolio of evidence is used to make an assessment decision in a delegate assessment guide (DAG) or delegate evidence record (DER).

What evidence needs to be provided?

1. Complete delegate evidence records

We need to see complete delegate evidence records for the delegates that are part of the internal verification sample.

Please supply the DAG/DER along with all work that has been completed by the delegate and that the tutor has used to make the assessment decision. This might include written work, plans, diagrams and other evidence generated by the delegate.

2. Internal verification record

We require an internal verification record for each tutor that has delivered assessment for the internally verified assessment.

The Internal Verification Record Guidance document gives guidance on selecting the correct sample size and the importance of completing all parts of the record correctly.

When completing the forms make sure there is clear reference to tasks/units verified and observations are captured regarding assessment rational and performance.

3. Internal assessment record

A tracking record of the assessment decisions for all delegates needs to be provided for the quality assurance review. It needs to list all delegates (not just the internally verified sample) and accurately record the assessment outcome(s) against each task/unit.

4. A course plan

A ‘course plan’ is needed for each course delivered by a centre. The plan demonstrates that the centre has considered and planned for the delivery of all aspects of the qualification, planned the assessment effectively, and have ensured that the needs of delegates have been met through the delivery.

More guidance on the requirements for a course plan can be found in the Centre Manual.

Need further guidance on your quality assurance review?

The Quality Assurance Review Check List outlines all the evidence that needs to be presented for a quality assurance review.

For details of the steps required to getting access to certificates, please see the guidance on ‘completing your quality assurance review and accessing your certificates’ in the June 2024 Briefing for Centres.

For any other query, contact your usual Quality Assurance team member or contact