Got something to tell us? Now’s your chance.

Esports learners receive feedback from their peersYour learners rely on you to let them know what they’ve done well and where they could improve. It’s the same for us and our programmes – we want your feedback so we can make sure we’re offering you the support you need and making the right programmes for your learners.

Last year, you told us that using LEAP to manage your courses was sometimes a little challenging. So, we’ve acted on this and invested in our behind-the-scenes processes, launching our new course management website, Centre Hub.

We’ve also listened to your feedback that we should make it easier for learners to give us their thoughts by adding a QR code to every Learner Evidence Record that links straight to the survey.

So now we’re asking again for your thoughts (and your learners’ views) to keep us on track:

Centre and learner impact survey 2023-24

Your feedback really does make a tangible difference and we really value your responses. Here’s just some of our favourite stats from the 2022-23 surveys:


What percentage of…
Learners believe in themselves more since starting their leadership programme?


Staff in centres saw their learners become stronger leaders in 22/23?


Learners felt they developed important skills for the future in 22/23?


Centre staff agree that our programmes equip young people with skills to succeed throughout life?


Surveys for centre staff and learners are now up and running and we’d love to get your feedback as you and your learners near completion of our programmes. Use the link below to access the surveys and our supporting info.