Free LER offer

Free LER offer image

Register your 2023/24 courses by Friday, 22 September and receive FREE Sports and Dance Leadership LERs or Lowland DERs.

LERs play a major role in the delivery of our courses and the development of learners.

To receive FREE Sports and Dance Leadership LERs or Lowland DERs please complete the form below and register your 2023/24 courses – with your learner numbers – by Friday, 22 September. We will then ensure that you receive them early in October.

The free LER (Learner Evidence Record) offer is available to all centres:

  • Delivering Sports, Dance and Lowland (also includes STEM in England only) Leadership qualifications.
  • Who register courses with learner numbers.
  • With a start date after the 1st September 2023 (1st August 2023 in Scotland).
  • Please note, the LER offer is available to centres in the Republic of Ireland, but you will be charged for the postage costs to ship LERs.
  • The LER Offer cannot be taken up in conjunction with any other Leadership Skills Foundation packages.
  • The Leadership Skills Foundation retains the right to refuse the provision of free LERs should it wish to do so.
  • Any cancelled courses will be liable and charged for the return of provided LERs.

To take advantage of this offer, please let us know by completing the form below before registering your courses.