Changes to the Minimum Spend Policy for Professional Qualification Centres

Who is this for: all Professional Qualification Centres

We have updated our Minimum Spend Policy to include all qualification centres including professional qualification centres (PQCs). This policy will replace the current Minimum Spend Policy for Professional Qualification Centres from 1 August 2024.

As a reminder, we have a minimum spend in place to ensure we can support centres, as effectively as possible, through their qualification delivery. This includes the ability for centres to state they are approved qualification centres with the Leadership Skills Foundation.

What is the main change?

All centres will now be expected to meet the minimum spend of £450 annually rather that it be £900 across two years. The policy outlines the specific details of the minimum spend, including key dates and other associated policies.

Why have we made this change?

We have simplified the policy and the process so that the same policy applies to all centres, no matter what qualifications they deliver.

Nearly all centres deliver at least one course in a given academic year, so the change will not have a significant impact on many centres.