Centre in Focus: Kingsbury Green Primary School

Pupils at Kingsbury Green Primary School taking part in PlayMaker

Located in north-west London, Kingsbury Green Primary School serves a diverse local community with pupils aged 3-11. They aim to ensure that pupils develop as whole individuals rather than focusing purely on academic achievement.

“One of the main reasons we chose the Leadership Skills Foundation PlayMaker Award over alternatives was that the programme could be easily followed and delivered, providing our pupils with the chance to achieve a recognised award which can really support them in their future aspirations,” explains Judita Kantor, Kingsbury’s PE leader.

Pupils from Kingsbury Green Primary School taking part in PlayMaker“As a long-term effect, we already know that some children who left our school are working towards becoming sports coaches.”

In particular, delivering the PlayMaker Award has had a significant impact on the school’s pupils with additional learning needs, including those with special educational needs (SEND) or in receipt of pupil premium grants (PPG).

Judita explains further the impact of the programme on these young people: “For these children, being accepted onto a leadership award where they can be responsible for others and equipment, use their creativity and practise their love for sport has had a huge impact on their daily life.

“Parents are letting us know how much their children look forward to the training sessions and how much it is helping with their confidence.”

Delivering PlayMaker has also earned the school recognition in their community and more regionally. They have been recognised by the Leadership Skills Foundation as a Centre of Excellence and nominated for a Community Award by the Sport and Recreation Alliance.

As a result, Judita (pictured left receiving the school’s  award from the Sport and Recreation Alliance) believes it is a programme that other schools should consider delivering: “We have seen huge impact on our students who are participating in the award. Our PlayMakers gain knowledge and experience which they are now using to run some of our enrichment clubs. Other providers and local schools have been in touch with us after hearing about our success to find out more about the programme with a view to using it for their own pupils.

“We see parents and children in younger year groups look forward to becoming PlayMakers once they are in Year 6 and other leadership groups within our school are coming forward to see how PlayMaker works and what they can take from it.

“We are so grateful for the personal support we’ve had from Tom, our development officer at the Leadership Skills Foundation and the whole organisation.

“If schools have interest in developing children’s character, I highly recommend this programme; our PlayMakers learn skills for a lifetime that are not taught in class.”

PlayMaker is our introductory programme for primary school pupils aimed at developing the foundations of Sports Leadership, preparing them for future study and leadership opportunities.

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