Centre in Focus: Great Marlow School

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Great Marlow School is a secondary school in Buckinghamshire. As part of their curriculum, they offer our Level 3 Sports Leadership qualification to learners. We caught up with their Centre Course Manager, Steve Goodright, to find out more.

What project/challenge/problem were you looking to achieve or solve by delivering a leadership skills programme?

As a PE department which has a very strong belief and passion for Leadership being delivered through PE, this course was the perfect addition to our key stage 3 and 4 ‘Leadership Strand’ of our core PE curriculum.

We have always run Sports Leaders at key stage 5, but not as an official course which is fully accredited. In addition to this, our 6th form students complete ‘curriculum support’ as part of their timetables, so this course facilitated an additional benefit for lessons which were already timetabled.

What made you choose the Leadership Skills Foundation to support your aims?

The Sports Leadership course perfectly follows on from our key stage 4 Sport Education Curriculum. The course enables the students to gain 16 UCAS points, but more importantly, learn skills that will prepare them for the world of work.

What outcomes do you expect from delivering Sports Leadership?

An increase in usable skills that will equip the students for their lives. An incredible amount of fulfilment and responsibility working within the school PE community. It will also be a huge catalyst for the recognition and development of empathy and compassion towards other people (students).

To be honest, the outcomes are endless.

What have been the short-term impacts of the programme on your students?

Our school uses MyPB at the centre of its ethos/mantra. This course has given tangible examples of all of the 6 Rs (resilience, reflection, reasoning, respect, responsibility and resourcefulness) which are at the core of MyPB. The students have a collective sense of purpose when they are working with the younger students. The heightened responsibility is key in their transition from key stage 4 to 5.

Have you felt supported by the Leadership Skills Foundation during delivery?

Superbly so – Tom Darby has been exceptionally helpful and supportive in the process.

Would you recommend delivering leadership skills qualifications to other schools or centres?

Absolutely, the additional effort from staff is paid back 10-fold as your 6th form students become additional ‘staff’ to your department. Any PE (or subject) Department should be run as a community. School is about experiences and the development of people to keep society working and functioning well – this type of course is incredibly wholesome and supports so many significant areas of learning for any young person.

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