Centre in Focus: Blackpool Sixth

A Sports Leader from Blackpool Sixth listens to a group of younger learners.

Blackpool Sixth provides Further Education for learners aged 16-19 in the local area. Leadership skill development is an important part of their sport programmes with learners also benefitting from the college’s excellent community links for opportunities to put their skills into practice.

As a Leadership Skills Foundation Centre of Excellence, they demonstrate how to embed leadership skills within wider learning programmes and create a genuine pathway for young people to aspire to.

Leadership tutor and Centre Course Manager Steve Legge explains the difference that our programmes make and the impact they have on young people…


What project/challenge/problem was your organisation looking to achieve by delivering our programmes?

To equip our students with the employability skills needed to succeed, and to do this within an environment that they are comfortable with.

What made you choose the Leadership Skills Foundation to support you with your aims?

Great curriculum, good resources, good support. Our students love the practical element to the courses.

What have been the delivered outcomes from working with the Leadership Skills Foundation?

We have seen hundreds of our students grow and develop on these courses. The exposure to local schools and agencies has seen a number of them gain employment. This continues year on year. Within our community they are recognised as role models for younger people.

What have been the short and long-term impacts of this work on the target groups or individuals?

Last year alone we supported Active Blackpool deliver events to 6248 children over 44 schools including primary, secondary and special schools. We continue to support them on a weekly basis throughout the academic year. This helps promote positive healthy outcomes for many local children in an area of socio-economic depravation.

Why would you recommend working with the Leadership Skills Foundation to others?

Easy to work with. They offer a good package that truly benefits our students.