Centre manager training  

All centre mangers (previously centre course manager or CCM) need to complete a short online training module.  

This training will include: 

  • the role and responsibilities of the centre manager; 
  • the other roles required at your centre; 
  • how to apply for courses and register learners; 
  • expectations for internal verification; 
  • how to store and share course evidence; 
  • how the quality assurance process works; 
  • how learners are certificated at the end of the course; 
  • how to apply for your next course. 

Training must be completed prior to centre approval being given. The training is self-led and can be done in your own time.  

The training only needs to be completed once and doesn’t expire. However, you are welcome to revisit it any time you need a refresher.  

Centre manager training can be accessed via our Moodle platform.  

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